Instructions for exchanging links – Johnson Heritage House

We are interested in trading links with other sites. Please check that your site meets the following criteria.

  • Your site is directly related to the travel industry
  • You have a direct, visible link from your index page to your links page
  • Your site has a ranking on the Google Search bar
  • Your links page is not the same page being generated under multiple domains

If you have a travel related site that you think qualifies, and would like to exchange links with Johnson Heritage House Garden Suite please follow the instructions below.

HREF=”” TARGET=”_blank”>Vancouver
self catered vacation suite – Johnson Heritage House Garden Suite A large, two bedroom, two bathroom, fully furnished garden suite. Located in a safe, quiet,
lovely neighborhood, close to downtown and most attractions


  1. email the exact address where our link is active
  2. include the code of the site(s) with which you want us to link
  3. Please make sure your name is on your request
  4. Please copy the following code for this site into your links page–use browser page not source code

When our link has been verified, we will immediately activate the link to you and advise you by email

Thank You