Johnson Heritage House

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cruising to Alaska from Vancouver ?

Traveling first class?Or Economy?

Cruising Alaska to/from Vancouver? While experiencing the magic of Vancouver treat yourselves to the greater comforts of home offered by our Canada Select 4 1/2 star B&B.

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Half the fun of your Alaskan cruise should be your stay in Vancouver while   enjoying the diverse charms, multi-ethnic cultures and natural beauty of Vancouver, its majestic mountains, playground ocean and sandy beaches, all right at the doorstep of our friendly and relaxed fully furnished vacation suite.

Whether you cruise from Alaska to Vancouver, or Vancouver to Alaska and return, plan to spend three to five days in Vancouver. After all, this is the home of many world famous attractions, including a few like the renowned UBC Anthropology Museum, North America’s second largest authentic Chinatown, Stanley Park and the fabulous Vancouver Aquarium where you will be enchanted by beluga whales, sea otters, seals, dolphins, and sea lions. Orca whale-watching tours in the wild are just a 25 minute drive south of the city. Add a day for a day’s ferry trip to Victoria and another for a wonderful two-hour drive along the incredibly-scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler Mountain, North America’s #1 ski and all-season resort.

Whether you cruise by Princess Cruises, Holland America, Celebrity, Crystal, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Carnaval or “economical Viking Ships” you will share in the beauty of Vancouver, chosen by the United Nations as one of the top places to live in the world. Meanwhile, check out the features and comforts of our classic craftsman home with self catered suite by clicking on ” My Alaska crusise begins here” and let us know how we can help.

Happy cruising!

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Johnson Heritage House
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