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The Luxury Inn – A hotel that will leave you speechless

    The very reason people call the Luxury Inn a paradise is that it is a haven. Affordable prices and a wide range of services are only some of the things that make people book rooms every year. The Luxury Inn excels at many things, which is the main reason behind all the talk about it being the best luxury service provider.

 Check in and enter your piece of paradise

      A Certain number of stars don’t qualify a hotel as a luxury provider. The Luxury Inn, as well as some other hotels, gains this through many smaller things that some big hotels overlook. Whenever you come to a city like Vancouver, for a vacation, you might succumb to general public and check-in with a huge hotel with four or five stars.

This might cost you more than 500 dollars per night, which is an outrageous pricing model. With proper planning, you can book a room at the Luxury Inn for less than 100 dollars.

    The price of the chamber depends on your wishes. You will be able to book a room out of your dreams, but the cost will increase proportionally with the requests you list. But several basic things will make you happy.

–    Profesionalhoreca-AccorFirst of all, you won’t have to wait for check-in or check-out. The Luxury Inn turned this process into nothing more than the formality. When you arrive, the room you booked is already prepared, and you will have to wait up to 10 minutes for your luggage. In a world where this process lasts up to one hour, the Luxury Inn is the leader.

–    You can pick a location of the room within the hotel as well as the view from the same. If you wake easily, you can ask for a room far from the street and the elevator. You can ask for anything you want, from curtains to additional storage.

–    Bathrooms in the Luxury Inn are something that will leave you truly speechless. The wall designs will make you stay in your bath for hours.VenBathroom01-2000x1000

 Turning a great into an excellent experience

     The “should” attitude of the Luxury Inn creates a great experience into a marvelous one. This approach applies to all spheres of service. This supports the saying that the small things complete the guests’ experience. The customer should feel comfortable, no matter where they are, the bar or their room. If a client wants to sit in a garden, then the gardener should cease their activities. Every member of the staff should greet guests with a smile, and they should put their services at the disposal of the guest.CustomerServiceWithASmile-620x240

   A guest should have 24/7 access to food and drink. This means that they should be able to order food and drinks at any point and get them in a reasonable time. Guests should also have access to a restaurant where they can order a wide variety of food. A bar should be isolated from the dining area, and the barmen should be able to make a variety of cocktails.


Spending a vacation like a celebrity

      There comes a time in our life when we want a vacation we will remember. That vacation has to differ from all other vacations. There isn’t a better way to spend a vacation than to have everything you dream about in front of you. Spending a week or two in the Luxury Inn is something that will change the meaning of a vacation.

The heaven we all want to experience

     The Luxury Inn is famous for its unparalleled level of service. The main reason it stayed at the top of the business is mainly due to their attention to details. This is something many people fail to notice, but the lack of some small things makes the vacation unbearable. From the moment you approach a clerk until the end of your holiday, the staff takes care of you, and they try to fulfill all of your wishes.

Even though the customer service is important, the customer relations have a bigger impact on people. When a clerk welcomes you with a smile and asks you about all the little things you thought about, then you know that you found a right place. You shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of information the Luxury Inn has on you. Even though you never stayed in one of their hotels, they already know about the things you prefer and the things you don’t like. And they will do everything to provide you with everything that suits your tastes.

    All this might sound strange, but an advanced network of people work in the shadows of this company. Whenever an individual books a room they do everything in their power to find as much data as possible about the person. All that information goes to the people that provide different services at the Luxury Inn.

 The High-end services the Luxury Inn offers

    0_4200_0_2800_one_nyc-the-mark-hotel-taxi-cushner2267 We already mentioned the level of services this company offers. But it is important to highlight some of those services so you can understand what kind of the business it is. We won’t go through a full range of services, but we will highlight some of the most interesting ones.

    Every hotel will call a taxi for its customer, but the Luxury Inn is one of only a few hotels that will offer you a rental service. The Luxury Inn will contact one of the several car rentals to find a car you want. Renting by yourself would cost you more than going through the company as they have a long-standing relationship with rental companies.yacht-rental-los-angeles

    Cars aren’t the only form of transport you can rent through the Luxury Inn. The latest offer from this hotel chain includes the yacht renting. The Luxury Inn went into a contract with Sunseeker rental, a well-known boat rental company. If you want to rent a yacht, you simply have to contact the hotel clerk and tell them what kind of a yacht you want. They will contact you in several minutes with all the necessary info containing price and renting hours.